This post has been swirling around in my head for weeks, if not months. I admit it. I have a love for ALL THINGS PARTY. As I have been doing some research for One Stylish Party, it has helped me figure out where I want to go with this small business and what I *think* my customers want to see from me. I know that a big part of being successful in the party business is staying on trend, with the hopes that every now and then I am able to uncover an idea or product that is ahead of trend too.

So today, I wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on party trends for 2013.

Bold Patterns. We all know by now that 2012 was THE YEAR of the chevron. I wouldn’t expect chevron to go anywhere anytime soon, however in 2013 you will start to see more bold patterns mixed in and used more frequently in the party scene. Houndstooth, honeycomb and ikat are just a few of the patterns that have caught my eye lately, in addition to the ever popular chevron!

Parties with Blended Themes.  Be on the lookout for parties that blend more than one theme. I am personally loving this trend, especially for sibling parties, kids who are drawn to more than one party theme, or adults who have a lifetime of favorite things that they want to combine to create the perfect party. Some examples include: Princess and Popstar by Pink Peppermint Paper, Curious George and Fire Trucks by That’s My Kind of Party, Pirates and Pixies by Gwynn Wasson as seen on Pizzazzerie and “A Few of my Favorite Things” Party by Meghily’s Party In Style.

DIY Details. Yep, this one is a no-brainer. Thanks to Pinterest, and some super crafty bloggers who are constantly publishing fabulous craft tutorials on the web, moms EVERYWHERE are getting more and more brave to take on party craft projects. Pinterest has helped to create a community feeling among moms, who are now supporting and encouraging each other to get crafty. Now that many mom’s are hooked, you can only expect to keep seeing more DIY details in 2013. Here are a few crafts that would make a fabulous (and inexpensive) addition to any party: DIY Glitter Vase by The Sweetest Occasion, DIY Fabric Ribbon Hoop by Oh Happy Day, DIY Tinted Mason Jars by Momtastic and Clothespin Wreath via Hambly Screen Prints.

Sweets, Sweets and more Sweets. Oh yes, sweets will continue to take the main stage at every party. And it goes way beyond just a birthday cake. Many people think if they are throwing an intimate party that there isn’t a need for anything more than a cake, but there are ways to make a sweets table work for a party of any size. For smaller parties, simply use a smaller table, smaller portions of each sweet and add in some props to fill in any blank space on the table. While it is great to outsource a few of the desserts to the pros, such as the cake or custom cookies, don’t be afraid to take on some of the sweets yourself to keep costs down. Here are a few sweets tables that had me drooling recently: Pantone Party by My Little Jedi, Bold Zebra Baby Shower via The Couture Cakery, Pastel Pretty Dessert Display by Dessert Designer Extraordinaire Amy Atlas and Hanging Dessert Display as featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

Tissue Paper Decorations. Whether it is tissue tassels, fans, poms or fringe, people simply can’t get enough of this colorful and whimsical party decoration. It’s inexpensive and can be transformed in so many ways to complete the look for any party. In 2013, I expect to continue seeing tissue paper popping up in more and more parties. Think tissue tassel cake toppers, tissue fringe covered backdrops, and more. The possibilities are literally endless. A few tissue paper decorations I love include: Tissue Pom Cupcake Toppers by Potter and Butler, Tissue Fringe Backdrop by Mint Loves Social, Tissue Paper Balls and Fans via The Lark and Tissue Tassel Garland via One Stylish Party.

Unique Favor Packaging. I simply love a blank canvas….especially when it comes to party favors. This is the last little detail to tie together your theme so guests can take home a little piece of the party with them. Gumball tubes made a big debut in 2012 and will continue to be a hot party favor in 2013, especially now that they are more readily available in shops such as One Stylish Party. Look out for other favor packaging, such as white gable boxes and white party favor bags which make a great starting point for personalizing any party favor! Gable  boxes, gumball tubes, white favor bags and strawberry baskets are all available in the One Stylish Party Shop.

Party Printables. Party printables are the best thing invented since sliced bread (in my opinion of course!) Seriously though, I love how printables allow you to create a custom, personalized look for your party without breaking the bank. With thousands of design options available online, you are bound to find a theme that is perfect for your next party or event. It does take a little extra work on your part, but it’s totally worth to see your vision come to life for your party. Although there are many, many fabulous printable vendors out there, here are a few collections that recently caught my eye: Retro Surf Girl’s Printable Party Collection via Sprinkled with Paper, Ready to Pop Printable Party Collection via Love the Day, Sweet Shoppe Printable Party Collection via Whimsically Detailed and Dinosaur Printable Party via Cupcake Express.

Handmade Decor. As big as printables are in the party world, it still can’t replace the art of handmade party decorations. Glitter, ruffles, garlands, wreaths, pinwheels and more will continue to make a big appearance at parties in 2013. The key is figuring out the right mix of printables and handmade details to create a perfectly styled party. It’s best to pick a few key handmade pieces to mix in with printables which are more budget-friendly. A few examples of handmade party details that really amp up the “wow” factor of a party are: Custom Pinwheel Banner by Peckled, Hand-Glittered Welcome Sign by One Stylish Party, Circus Fabric Fringe Garland by A Fete Beckons and Summer Ragamuffin wreath by Sweet Georgia Sweet.

Big Beautiful Oversized Balloons. Thank you Geronimo Balloons for helping to kick-start the trend of oversized giant balloons and gorgeous, unique balloon tassels. This up and coming trend will be hotter than ever in 2013, especially as more real moms begin to discover this adorable party decoration that have mostly only been used by party stylists so far. Plus, you can expect to see new twists on standard oversized balloons, such as custom confetti filled balloons with a tissue fringe tassel (now available in the One Stylish Party shop) that can be made to match any color palette or theme! Balloons as pictured above: Balloon Display via Geronimo Balloons, Confetti Balloon via One Stylish Party, Wedding Balloon Decor as seen on Wedding Chicks. and another Confetti Balloon via One Stylish Party.

Thanks for following along and reading my round-up of party trends for 2013. There are many existing party trends that I think will stick around in 2013, and some new ones that are just starting to surface or about make their big debut. Either way, this list is certainly up for interpretation so I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on what you think the hot party trends are for 2013!