One of the things I love so much about Christmas is that the possibilities are literally endless for decorating and entertaining. Although I could probably post a dozen different Christmas Party Inspiration posts (and absolutely love each and every one!), there is one particular holiday color scheme that has been floating around in my head which I’ve decided to share with you today.

Black, Glittering Gold and Evergreen.

I just love the contrast of black and white, especially when used in a bold graphic pattern such as houndstooth, chevron or large stripes. Pair it with glittering gold to add some glamour and then warm up the feel of the party with rustic touches of evergreen and wood.

From left to right, and top to bottom, here are the links to the pictures where I drew my inspiration from.  Black Gold and Evergreen Tablescape, Glittery Reindeer, Gold Mason Jar,  Evergreen Fireplace Display, Gold Nutcraker, Evergreen and Gold Wreath, Gold Reindeer, Black and White Stripe StockingGlittery Holiday Gift Tags, Black, White and Gold Tablescape.

I hope you feel as inspired as I do. So tell me, what is your holiday party inspiration this year? I’d love to hear what color scheme you are bringing to life in your own holiday decor this year!