Today, One Stylish Party turns ONE!!

What started as a passion, has turned into so, so much more. I never would have thought one year ago that I would be where I am today. A stay-at-home-momma by day and party enthusiast by night (well, by night, I really mean naptime and any other downtime that I can squeeze in some crafting and writing!)

It’s been a crazy journey, and one that I am so grateful for during a year that I craved any bit of normalcy while my family life was turned upside down. With my family life back on track, I feel like it is only recently that I have been able to fully enjoy and immerse myself int0 One Stylish Party.

There have been way too many late nights, more trips to craft stores than I can count and piles of notebooks and scrap paper scribbled with all of my party ideas and plans. But with all of hard work, there has also been lots of laughter, learning and accomplishment. So what exactly have I been doing with all my time over the last year? Well here’s a little run down of One Stylish Party by the numbers.

And  I couldn’t post this blog without acknowledging some of the many things I am grateful for since embarking on this journey one year ago…..

  • The love and support by my husband, family and friends on my crazy idea that at the time may not have made sense to anyone but me.
  • The new friendships I’ve made along the way, and the existing friendship that it strengthened more than I ever could have imagined.
  • All of my amazing customers who have purchased an item from my shop, you aren’t just giving me a reason to glitter and glue stuff, you are helping me provide the little extras for my kiddos as a stay-at-home-mom which in itself is SO rewarding.
  • Amy Atlas (my inspiration!) who featured my son’s 1st birthday party, further validating that I am meant to put my creativity to use in this space.
  • Each and every party gal who has showed support, become a fan, provided a shout out and made me feel so welcome to the online party niche.
  • Every person who has taken the time to stop by my blog, read my posts and leave a comment. You are why I do what I do!

I’m looking forward to another great year! I’m currently working on some exciting products and content, so stay tuned for lots of fun new stuff very soon!