Today is the first day of a new chapter in my life. With full support from my husband, I’ve made the decision to leave what I’ve always considered to be a dream job to take on what I know will be my most challenging one yet —  raising my two little boys full-time.

I trust in  God’s timing for the recent events in my life which allowed me to step back and realize what is most important to me, which has been and always will be my family. Life has seemed to pass us by the last two and a half years since Mason was born. Now with a second child, both of us focused on our thriving careers and a near life threatening illness for Steve and well…somethings gotta give.

Though I am sad to leave my job at AMResorts, I feel good knowing that it is the best decision for my family right now. For any working mommy who has ever been faced with this decision, I now truly know what a difficult one it is to make. I’d be lying if it I said I wasn’t nervous. But I am ready and willing to take on this new challenge and couldn’t be more excited about all of the little things that come along with being a stay-at-home-mommy.

I’m excited…

…to everyday re-discover  the world through the eyes of my two little boys.

…to be the one to teach my children the difference between right and wrong.

…to watch my boys develop a relationship that only two brothers can share.

…to pick them up when they fall and comfort them when they are hurt.

…to laugh together at something silly or absolutely nothing at all.