It’s been a little quiet around here at One Stylish Party and perhaps you are wondering why. I started this blog to share ideas and inspiration for stylish entertaining, but it’s hard to completely separate my personal life since so much of my creativity and inspiration is drawn from those who are so close to me.

The last 5 weeks have been life changing for my family. I’m talking a major wake up call. At the end of July, my husband became sick with what we thought was a little cold. A few weeks in, he wasn’t getting any better so we decided to head to the emergency room. After a 2 night stay in a regional hospital and a diagnosis of mono, we were sent on our way and told that he should drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest.

The blood tests results began to roll in from our hospital stay and then we were told he tested positive for another virus. Not knowing much about it, we met with a specialist and again were told to ride it out. Four days later we found ourselves in another emergency room, this time with what could have been a life threatening condition.

This “little” virus we were told to ride out had worn his immune system down so much that his body began attacking his blood platelets, thinning his blood to the point that if we had waited much longer, he could have suffered internal bleeding, a brain hemorrhage or even a stroke.

We sought care from an incredible doctor, Dr. John Reinhart, based out of Christiana Hospital, who I am forever grateful to for listening, observing and taking immediate action to treat my husband and help him get better. (A HUGE thank you to our Uncle Ed for getting us in touch with him.)

I feel like I have been on autopilot for the last few weeks, simply doing what it takes to get to the next milestone. Today will be the biggest one of all. My husband will come home from the hospital, this time with answers, with a treatment plan, and confidence in a full recovery.

I have faith in God and know that his timing for this tribulation was no coincidence. We didn’t ask for this wake up call, but I can assure you that we now have a different outlook on everything…how strong our marriage is…how precious the moments are with our children…how fortunate we are to have family and friends in our lives who love and support us…and most of all to not take anything for granted.

Needless to say, I’m not sure our life will ever return to our old definition of normal and I think I’m okay with that.

Bear with me over the next few weeks as I continue to get my family life back on track. I’ll still be around and have lots of ideas floating around in my head for future posts, just need to find the time to put them on paper…or should I say my computer!