Rustic Decor - Image 2As a part of our Ask the Expert series, I am happy to welcome Samantha Sackler to the blog today to share her thoughts on how to mix and match modern and rustic event decor. Samantha has expansive knowledge in the event industry with more than 20 years of experience producing high-end social events, movie premieres and corporate conferences/events through her companies Samantha Sackler Productions and and designer8* Event Furniture Rental.

Here is what Samantha had to say about mixing rustic and modern event décor…

Create Balance and Warmth with a Sophisticated Twist

Event decor should not be limited to a modern or rustic style. Designers can mix and match modern and rustic elements to create balance and warmth in an event with a sophisticated modern twist. Raw wood, stone, and other nature-sourced design elements take on a fresh appeal when paired with modern pieces. The Rustic Modern design approach makes it possible to bring warmth to the room through the use of natural fibers, metals, woods, or various types of fabrics, fibers, florals and colors.

Create a Unique, Personal and Inviting Space

There is an immediate human response to natural colors and materials, creating a cozy, warm feeling. When paired with contemporary pieces, the final result is unique, personal, and inviting. Modern furniture pieces take on a fresh look when covered with antique fabrics or distressed leather. A sleek, modern sofa with minimalist, clean lines becomes much more inviting when surrounded by rustic design elements, such as a side table, roughly woven area rug or antique wall treatment.

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The Perfect Marriage of Old and New

The warmth of natural stone, leather, wood, and fiber elements when matched with contemporary furniture is the perfect marriage of old and new. Clean Scandinavian style furniture pieces pair well with cozy, natural elements to create an environment that is soothing, warm, and inviting.

How to Execute a Rustic Modern Design Approach

Adding copper lamps, woven mats, distressed wooden table risers, candles in antique or pewter, along with more naturalistic floral designs to a modern event table creates a space where guests experience a comforting ambience without sacrificing the overall elegance.

Nature-inspired design elements, whether in wood, beaten metals, woven fibers or stone can bring fresh interest and appeal to a modern tablescape. Mixing the richness of silk linens with an eclectic mix of design elements in various sizes and shapes brings a fresh look to the event, inspiring human connection and conversation. Corporate events can present a cutting-edge, high-tech vision with a more human touch with the addition of naturalistic table and other room design elements.

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Incorporate Eco-Inspired Elements

Bring nature to a special event with design elements that can be used again and again, such as live florals or greens. People have a direct connection with nature, and gain a feeling of comfort when attending an event that includes these elements. When paired with modern pieces and advanced lighting techniques, the design can be extraordinary and simply unforgettable.

Samantha Sackler is the CEO of both Samantha Sackler Productions and designer8* Event Furniture Rental, as well as Partner in Infinity Marketing. She has a vast knowledge within the event industry boasting more than 20 years of experience. Samantha designs and produces high-end social events, movie premieres and many corporate conferences/events.