One Stylish Party - designs and inspiration for entertaining in styleThank you for visiting One Stylish Party. This business is a completely new endeavor for me, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I wanted to start by giving you a little background on how the idea for One Stylish Party came about. As with most of the female population, I too consider myself addicted to Pinterest. I admire all of the creative energy and talent that can be found among those pages and pages of little rectangular nuggets of gold. With each craft, recipe and tutorial I re-pin, I think to myself – “I’d be good at this,” “I could make this”. Until one day I asked myself – wait a minute, “Why don’t I do this?”

Searching for my creative niche, one day it just *clicked*. The most cherished memories in my life are the times I’ve spent celebrating life’s milestones. I’m a firm believer that every milestone deserves to be celebrated and every celebration deserves to be stylish. So, it is only natural that I would want to build a business and a brand around doing just that. With a passion for all things crafty, an addiction to sweets and a love for hosting a good party, One Stylish Party is the perfect combination of the things I love so much!

So what is the business all about? One Stylish Party is dedicated to providing designs and inspiration for entertaining in style. You can expect to find the most fabulous real parties, crafty DIYs and the latest tips, trends and recipes for stylish entertaining. The goal is to help modern day hostesses to create a wow factor while celebrating life’s milestones – but without all the stress. We sell a range of specialty party decorations, personalized pintables, innovative favors and stylish little details that will make your celebration effortless, and anything but ordinary {stay tuned, our etsy shop will be up and running soon!}

My name is Tara Berger and I’m the Party Stylist and “voice” behind One Stylish Party. I’m a wife and mom to two rambunctious little boys {Mason & Eli}, a social media expert by day and now party stylist and blogger by night {really, it’s whatever time I can squeeze in as a working mom!}. If you’d like to read more about me, click here.

And last but not least, I also wanted to take the opportunity to give a shout out to all of the people who helped make my vision for One Stylish Party a reality.

Thank you!

To my husband, Stephen, who spent countless hours and late nights designing the website, offering advice and supporting my idea without question. Who knew your manly website coding skills would come in handy to create such a fun and girly website? All kidding aside, I love you and couldn’t be more appreciative to everything you do for me.

To Sarah O’Brien, who helped me establish my brand identity and created the cutest logo ever! I’m amazed by your rock star design skills!

To Deana Parsons, who gave my website the finishing touches and pizzazz it needed to come together just perfectly. Your eye for detail {and friendship!} means so much to me!

To all of the ladies in the party space who embarked on this journey before me. You paved the way for someone like me to launch a party styling business, and have provided so much inspiration along the way.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you and hope to have the opportunity to help make your next event a little more stylish. I love connecting with like-minded people and supporting other women-owned business, so please join me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or just leave a comment to say hello!