Today, I’m excited to feature a Classically Chic Halloween Party styled by One Stylish Party!

Nothing screams Halloween to me more than the classic orange and black color combination. I love the bold contrast between the two colors, but rarely get to use it in other events throughout the year since it is so closely associated with Halloween. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to design a table using these two colors.

I wanted to give the party a fun, yet chic look by incorporating bold patterns throughout the tablescape. My personal favorite use of a bold pattern was the orange and white rugby striped backdrop which was a DIY project constructed out of old cardboard boxes, a white plastic table cover and two $0.97 rolls of crepe paper. It was budget friendly + easy to make and helped pull together the different elements of the sweets table to give it a cohesive look.

If you’ve followed along my blog before, you already know that I like to bring a personal touch to the events that I style. For this table, I created an adorable ghost painting with my two sons (inspired by this pin found on Pinterest) which was easy to make and added the perfect personal touch!

The banner, favor tags and straw flags are all printable products available in the One Stylish Party shop. You also have the option to purchase the banner pre-assembled and ready to hang as soon as it arrives! The striped cupcake flag toppers are also sold pre-assembled and come in sets of 12.

Other products featured in this table include black striped straws (the printable straw flags come free with any purchase of black straws in the month of October!), black and white diagonal stripe favor bags, orange striped mini wooden spoons, orange and black tissue pom poms and shimmer gumball tubes which are a HUGE hit with kids! The clear plastic gumball tubes can be sold pre-filled with shimmer gumballs or empty, perfect for filling with candy corn, M&Ms. Reeces Pieces or any candy of your choice.

The best part of this party is that it’s very simple to recreate. Here’s a breakdown of the different sweets included in the table:

The Pumpkin Cookies and Mummy Cookies were a DIY project made using my family recipe for sugar cookies and Amy Atlas’ recipe for royal frosting. If you don’t feel like baking homemade cookies, these could easily be swapped out with store bought cookies or Pilsbury cut and bake Halloween cookies.

I took a shortcut with the cupcakes and simply purchased a Duncan Hines Cake Mix and the new Duncan Hines Frosting Mixins in the Orange Crème flavor. The frosting tasted great and was already orange so it fit perfectly with my table design!

The pudding cups in the front of the table were made using JELL-O White Chocolate Instant Pudding mix displayed inside of hand painted Dixie Cups. I loved the way the bold polka dot pattern on the cup paired with the orange striped wooden taster spoon.

I made the marshmallow pops using Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, Ghiradelli White Chocolate and orange sugar sprinkles. These are super simple to make and always a crowd pleaser, especially with the kiddos. You simply insert the lollipop stick into the marshmallow, dip in melted chocolate, roll in sprinkles and you’re done!

The table also featured old-fashioned orange soda bottles, which were purchased at a local grocery store and decorated with crepe paper ruffles and glitter ribbon. I tied the striped straws on the bottles with a small piece of monofilament string so guests could easily grab it off and put it in their bottle once it is opened.

The rest of the table was decorated with a few Halloween decorations I had around the house or found in the dollar section of Target. All of the serving plates were things I had around the house, but spruced up with printable scrapbook paper to add a touch of color behind the sweets.

I hope you feel inspired by this Halloween Sweets Table. It shows that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or serve elaborate sweets to make your Halloween party a hit!

To purchase any of the products featured in this party, visit the One Stylish Party shop. Happy Halloween!